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​Representative Greetings

Hello! I am Hyun-Jeong Cho, the CEO of EUM Research Center.  


Most of the researchers at this center have experienced both North and South Korean regimes, and therefore seek the principles of human dignity and democracy more than anyone else. By combining our experiences in North Korea and the knowledge we have accumulated in South Korea, our researchers hope to add a small force to preparing for peace and unification on the Korean Peninsula.


Through research, analysis, and research and development on North Koreans (including North Korean defectors), our researchers will strengthen their differentiated research capabilities to become a core institution for human-centered research. Through this, we will do our best to become a research group that can demonstrate the collective intelligence of researchers and gather cooperation and wisdom with one mind and one will.


Thank you.


  October 30, 2020    


  Representative   Cho Hyun-jung                      Regards    

강 위의 다리

Goals and Visions

Researchers at the EUM Institute are people who have experienced both North and South Korean regimes, and they value human freedom and dignity and aim for the values of liberal democracy. Prioritizing the unification of the people over the integration of the system, I would like to study and view North Koreans as neighbors to coexist and solidarity without being other.  ​​

Under this vision, the Institute intends to aim for practical tasks such as 'establishing a diversified North Korea research system, collecting and constructing objective and multi-layered North Korean data, and raising social awareness on the issue of unification'. At the same time, we will broaden the horizons of North Korea research through exchanges and solidarity with the diaspora community. Furthermore, we will contribute to the establishment of peaceful unification through practical research by forming a network with domestic and foreign research and policy institutions.

Organization and composition



  • Hyeon-Jeong Cho (Doctor of Education)



  • Hongki Shin  (Deputy Director, Migrant Background Youth Support Foundation)

  • Yoo Jae Shim  (Full-time researcher, Environmental Research Institute, Seoul National University)

Steering Committee

  • Secretary General: OO Han (Master's Program in Unification Studies)

  • Director of Planning: OO Lee (Doctor of North Korean Studies)

  • Public Relations Director: OO Kwon (Master of Public Administration)

  • Director of External Relations: OO Park (Ph.D. in Political Science)


  • OO Kwon (Master of Public Administration)

  • OO Kim (Ph.D. Program in Social Welfare)

  • OO Kim (Master of Social Welfare)

  • OO Kim (Master's Program in Sociology)

  • OO Park (Ph.D. in Political Science)

  • OO Lee (Completion of Ph.D. in Korean Language Education)

  • OO Lee (Doctoral Program in North Korean Studies)

  • OO Lee (Master of Public Administration)

  • OO Lee (Master of North Korean Studies)

  • OO Jeong (Doctor of North Korean Studies)

  • OO Han (Unification Studies Master's Program)

  • Hwang OO (Unification Studies Master's Program)

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